Living Earth Television’s work is made possible by the generous support of individuals, foundations, and corporations seeking to promote the peaceful unfolding of global affairs.  

LETV has received funding from: 

  • the Henry Luce Foundation
  • the US-China Educational Foundation
  • the American Embassy in Beijing
  • the Benton Foundation, 
  • and the Rotary Club of Wilmette, Illinois, among others

We are able to offer underwriters who fund the acquisition, preparation and distribution of our videos acknowledgement on broadcasts and on classroom materials.

Building Goodwill, Building Business

Living Earth Television offers a one-of-a-kind sponsorship opportunity to reach a highly desirable, national American audience with China-related goods and services, as well as building powerful goodwill with the Chinese public.

Your business or organization now has, for the first time ever, the opportunity to sponsor the national American broadcast, on the PBS World Channel, of beautiful documentaries about China made by Chinese filmmakers.  These compelling and positive views of China, through the eyes of her own people, have never been seen before in the USA.  Sponsorship of these programs offers a highly visible opportunity to stand up for a strong and positive relationship between China and the USA, while receiving valuable publicity for your company.

  • China Inside Out on the PBS World Channel

Living Earth Television (LETV) has hand-picked and licensed four award-winning documentaries from China to adapt for a national American audience.  The English-language versions of these programs will be broadcast in early 2015 on the national PBS World Channel, a sister channel to PBS that currently reaches over 60% of American households, and PBS’s upscale, educated and influential audience.  PBS World Channel is based at WGBH in Boston, and the General Manager is Chinese-American Ms. Liz Cheng.

The initial four films in the series include an episode from the wildly popular A Bite of China series from China Central Television; Kindergarten, from beloved Chinese filmmaker Zhang Yiqing; One Child, a 2014 Student Academy Award winner from Chinese filmmaker Mu Zijian; and Horsemen, by Nancy Muqing Mu, an international award winner.  Your company or organization can sponsor one to four programs in the series, to bring your corporate identity message to an audience of millions.

  • Sponsoring the Broadcasts

Sponsors for the four programs will receive two fifteen-second on-air promotions (which must meet PBS standards) on each and every broadcast of the programs selected.  Programs will air nationally a minimum of four times, reaching an audience estimated at two million viewers per program. 

Sponsorship levels begin at $30,000.  To discuss this opportunity, and find out more about sponsoring LETV’s programs, please contact Ms. Martha Foster, President and CEO, or Mr. Chen Yang, Marketing Coordinator. 

  • Living Earth TV

Living Earth Television (LETV) is a nonprofit organization based in Bloomington, Indiana.  LETV has worked with China for over ten years, facilitating the exchange of educational documentaries between China and the USA.  LETV is currently working with WTIU Indiana Public Television to prepare the series China Inside Out for national broadcast on the PBS World Channel.


LETV给拥有中国相关的产品和业务的赞助商们提供一个独一无二的平台,在美国和中国电视观众面前建立起良好的公共形象。LETV旗下由中国电影人摄制的纪录片,将2015年在美国公共电视世界频道(PBS World Channel)上播出。您将成为有史以来第一个对此类中国纪录片北美发行进行赞助的赞助商,让您的企业和组织有机会被更多的美国观众所熟知。

  • 项目介绍

LETV拥有众多优秀中国纪录片海外版本的发行权。首发中国纪录片项目China Inside Out集合了LETV为美国观众精心挑选的四部优秀中国纪录片。该项目获得了PBS世界频道的播放许可并计划在2015年初播放。作为美国最具影响力的公共电视系统,PBS覆盖全美60%的卫星电视观众。



  • 赞助回报

赞助方将获得15秒的广告时段,在所赞助影片的片头和片尾播放。广告制作以PBS的官方要求为基准。所有影片将会通过PBS World频道在美国全国范围内播放至少四次,预计单独播放一次所覆盖的观众约为两百万人。

此次赞助金额从三万美金起。欢迎您直接与LETV执行总裁Martha Foster女士和市场专员杨晨先生联系,了解洽谈具体的赞助事宜。

  • 组织介绍

LETV是一家总部位于印第安那州的非盈利组织。在与中国媒体和媒体人合作的十余年间,LETV一直致力于传播和交流中美两国具有教育意义的纪录片。此次在PBS World频道播放的China Inside Out系列纪录片由LETV和WTIU印第安纳大学公共电视联合筹备。